Virtual Trader
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Virtual Trader $VTR

P2P exchange Worldwide platform providing investment and crypto trading solutions for all countries.


After a market analysis, we identify some anomalies and also open entry in order to bring above all security, but also ease to our investors, so we approach from the most biased DeFi tools as the best negotiations with zero rate.


Our platform offering P2P trading solutions to investor. Our token $VTR, allows users to make discounted payments, trade, Legal/tax support and stake for profits


We will rely on the P2P system where we will connect investors in transactions without intermediaries.

Our Platform


Cryptocurrency swap is a feature that allows the exchange of tokens and cryptocurrencies. Virtual Trader allows you to do this quickly and easily, through a cryptocurrency swap or exchange module.


Earn passive income with increasing rewards. For that purpose we have hight APR for the staking via Dapp


Our investors are our partners, therefore, they have the right to vote and make decisions in the project


At Virtual Trader, we will have a bi-directional point, where investors will be allowed to transfer assets in both directions, from one blockchain to another. This will improve interoperability, between layer-1 and layer-2 protocols or even between various sidechains.


We will have a Farming system, where investor holders will earn rewards


We will have $VTR tokens locked in a smart contract to provide the necessary liquidity to the Virtual Trader